Celebrate Section 377 verdict in the top LGBT-friendly cities of India


A little about the 6th September, 2018 verdict 

Yesterday marked dawn of a new era when the Supreme court of India finally upheld the right of every human being to be free, regardless of their sexual orientation or identity.

With this, the Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) will no longer apply to consensual sexual relations among adults in private.

While this marked the end of an era where this law will no longer be available for an atmosphere conducive to human rights, violations of a certain kind and discrimination at various levels. The whole scene felt like a fragment of a dream, timeless spirituality snarled in the traffic of contemporary priorities.

Opinions of the local

While most of the people rejoiced the first step to freedom and equality, many believe that freedom is won only when everyone in India, genuinely and whole-heartedly, believes and accepts that no “person” is abnormal or different and the fact that everyone can love equally, freely and fearlessly.

Nevertheless, the nonstop efforts of the citizens  to organize pride parades, special tour packages and operators for the LGBTQI community, queer film festivals and many more events is a clear indication that Indians have become far more accepting towards the issues at hand.

Now that the law is in our favour, we want everyone to have a perfect vacation wherever they go, we have come up with a list of must-visit places for LGBTQI tourists planning to explore India ensuring safety, fun and a welcoming atmosphere to one and all.

Here goes:

1) Mumbai

The activism sight of Mumbai makes it the gay capital of India. Not only is the city famous for its diversity, and multi- linguistic crowd, it is known to have the most vibrant and modern nightlife. This might be a surprise but Mumbai, as a city, is extremely supportive of the LGBT cause.

Gateway of India (Source)


  • Mumbai Queer Film Festival that is dedicated to screening LGBTQI films has helped to bring about a big social change in the minds of everyday people.
  • The KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival is officially South Asia’s biggest LGBT film festival.
  • Queer Azaadi March is an expression, a voice, a celebration and a platform to ask for equal rights of these individuals conducted in form of an annual parade in Mumbai.
  • Sunday High– One of the oldest gay groups in the city, Bombay Dost organises film screenings at one of the Humsafar drop-in centres (one in Santa Cruz West and the other in Vakola, Santa Cruz East). For the latest Bombay Dost Sunday High events please see the group’s Facebook Page: Bombay Dost

Night Life for LGBT

  • Gay Bombay – A gay group, GB organises parties at least once a fortnight on Saturdays. Visit their site for dates and venues.

LGBT tours in Mumbai 

  • Gay Trip India – They provide custom gay holidays and Individual gay travel to India.
  • Indian Gay Tours – They specialize in Tour Packages, Transport, Luxury Accommodation and Yoga Services.

2) Delhi

It is interesting and funny to know that it was the Delhi High Court that had declared controversial Section 377 as unconstitutional and violative of fundamental right to equality and freedom. But this decision was overruled by the Supreme Court by answering the heartfelt prayers of the rainbow community. (IRONIC isn’t it?)Queer Pride Parade in Delhi is a yearly procession to celebrate LGBT. The parade usually starts from Barakhamba Road-Tolstoy Marg to Jantar Mantar.


India Gate (Source)

LGBT tours in Delhi

  • Incrediblerainbow 
  • Indian Gay Tours They specialise in Tour Packages, Transport, Luxury Accommodation and Yoga Services.
  • Gay Delhi – LGBT support group, organising social events in Delhi.
  • Indja Pink – India’s first ‘gay travel boutique’, founded by a well-known Indian fashion designer. To book your Delhi-tour CLICK HERE 

3) Chennai

Chennai being the sixth largest city of India is known for its diverse culture with respect to gender and socio-economic class. While the city has so many temples, churches and beaches, it also holds panel discussions in the LGBTQI theme of inclusion with the Chennai International Queer Film Festival where film makers, photographers, art exhibitors and performers connect and collaborate. Tamil Nadu is the first state to recognize transgender rightsand provide transgender welfare policies.


Chennai (Source)


  • Chennai Rainbow pride– is the Facebook pride page of Chennai
  • Orinam is a bilingual website (Tamil and English), with information on alternate sexualities and gender identities. Our voices – The Orinam blog features news and views, personal stories and creative writing by Queers and allies.

4) Bengaluru 

Due to the advent of IT, Bangalore has an openness towards the LGBT community which hasn’t been prominent in any other city in India. LGBT friendly work environment makes this city a safe heaven for anyone looking for support or companionship.

With it’s tree-lined streets, green parks and California weather, Bangalore may surprise given it’s reputation as the Silicon Valley of India. 


Lal bagh (Source)


  • Lesbian Dykes on Bikes procession took in the Bangalore Pride of 2013.
  • The city also boasts of having an annual film festival as well called the Bangalore Queer Film Festival celebrating cinema on LGBTQI and other sexual and gender minorities in India.


  1. Bangalore Pride – The Facebook page for Namma Bengaluru
  2. G.R.A.B. (Gay Runners and Breakfast) – Informal group of gays who go jogging together on Sun morning and then have breakfast at the Airlines Hotel restaurant, garden section.

5) Goa 

Goa has now become a  booming business in gay tourism, a number of gay friendly clubs and beaches, and an overall attitude of openness which is not often seen in other states. One can also visit the Privately organized tea-dances, hang-outs and open-air parties at Arambol,Vagator and Palolem which are the major attractions for LGBTQ tourists. Housed in a restored Portuguese mansion, Simply Yoga aims to be a platform for the LGBTQ community to be themselves and mingle with like-minded guests.

6) Khajuraho

The temples of Khajuraho are connected with Tantra sect and as per Tantra sexual energy, if channelized as per the methods stated in Tantric canons, can bring together the tantra-practitioner with the Supreme Being (Shiva).

Khajuraho temple (Source)

This concept is boldly described in the Sculptures at Khajuraho. They showcase the steady transcendence of human sexual energy in the outer walls of the temple. Humans are depicted indulging in carnal pleasure in every variation that can be conceptualized by human brain.


Let us know in the comment section if you think your city is Gay- Friendly too? and Why?

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