These 10 Annoying Friends Will Kill Your Trip For Sure


Hey, Travelling is AWEOSME and with your friends it can be the best trip ever. But sometimes in the midst of this adventure, we all have friends who kinda ruin our plans making you wish you’d gone alone.

Before you screw up your next travel adventure, we give you an insight to the most annoying friends who will bug the hell out of you when you’re on a trip with them :

  1. That Clingy Friend You Keep Ignoring

They keep calling you or texting you to keep a track of where you are.

“Hey, What plans for the weekend? I am alone at home doing nothing”

You tell them where you are and BOOYEAH they offer to tag along. You on the other side have taken so many favors previously that leaves you with no other option but to feel the guilt and invite them. Sad but true, isn’t it?

  1. The Unattainable OCD

That perfect person who has a fear of contamination and tries to arrange and rearrange everything followed by washing of the hands once every 10 minutes.

“I don’t have OCD, I just like things done right”

Well, this desperate need for perfection is just not me!! Why? Because I like being lazy and lazy, I mean lazy and dirty!

  1. The DJ / The Music Sorter

Apparently this dude has all the songs of the Universe in his playlist but decides to remix everything and plays each song for a minute only.

“Could you play songs from my phone please?”
“Play this song..No..Play that song…Haven’t you heard this song?”

Good luck with your freedom of picking the right music. Be ready for your ears to explode or learn the art of going to sleep with a hope that things on this trip change pretty soon.

  1. The Attention Seeking Buddy

Who doesn’t like attention? Not when you’re the one driving trying to concentrate on the road while your friend is wooing girls to his side!

Hey girls, Checkout my new IPhone

This type is the one who could do anything to seek all the attention of girls around.

“Babe, check out my new lipstick”

Because girls are no lesser when it comes to seeking attention and why should girls have all the fun? 😉

  1. I am Hungry

Wish you could carry a restaurant everywhere you go because this dude is the biggest Foodie ever.

“When are we going to reach?… How far is it?”

This friend constantly feels hungry and wants to make a stop over after every 2 hours for quick bites. Oom nom nom nom..

  1. The One with Amnesia

Just when you thought you crossed the first 5km of your trip,

”Guys, I have forgotten my phone”
“Did I lock the front door?”

This friend will panic till you agree to take a detour back home.

  1. The Obsessed Photographers

Agree or not but most of us fall into this category.

“This one is for my Insta Story, say Cheeeeese”
“Waiittttt… Don’t start eating yet…Let me Snapchat this”

You must know this friend has only joined you to take pictures in weirdest possible positions with their camera and will invade your privacy until they’ve clicked their pictures.

  1. The One with Flawed Digestive System

Just when you were steering that sharp turn,

“Are we steering on windy hilly roads?”
“Is the AC too strong?”
“What did I eat for breakfast?”

VAAAAACCKKKK!! And your backseat is spattered in artistic patterns of stinking puke.

  1. That Friend Who Always Backs Out

There are a variety of ditchers who always seem to have some excuse to make at the last moment when it’s finally time to book tickets!

“DUDE, I am broke”
“I have to work today”

Life is not a sponsored party for the others you know.

  1. The Latecomer

This friend swears to never be late again and claims to be most excited and most punctual of all. But then there are other problems.

“This traffic is such a mess today”
“Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?”

Whether it is at work or in your social life, this person is the King/ Queen of being late. Hope you like sprinting through the airport to catch your flight because that’s what your day will be like when you travel with the Latecomer!

So, it’s best to politely sneak out with such friend’s BUT if you can’t, buddy, you’re SCREWED!! And God can’t help you no more!!

Relatable? Which one of them are you? Or do you have any such friends? Do let us know in the comments section below!



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