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When was the last time you were not a typical tourist? You know the ones who hit the most famous tourist sites and maybe explore a few off- beat attractions. You either download a few apps or hire an agency and depend entirely on them to make your trip memorable. This is the story of every traveler who explores a place, gets the basic overview, posts some fabulous pictures and moves on to the next destination.


How Not To Be A Typical Tourist? Travel With A Theme!

Do You Know How To Add Spark to the Same Old Travelling?

Well, some of you may even be thinking, “Oh! I don’t even have enough savings yet. How on earth do I enjoy or even plan a vacation?” Keep calm because time has come to travel differently. Perhaps think differently in the first place.

Look at a destination in a different light – Focus

Have you ever considered traveling with a theme? Think about it and you will have some unexplored places in your city already! Really, it could be something as simple as eating different types of dosa with a local food expert or learning about the music culture in the interior of the destination.

Focus, How?

For this, you need a purpose. The purpose of wanting something different and new each time you hit the same city. This way you will see parts of places you didn’t know existed before. This way you will never again find your city boring and this way you will not end up going to the same shopping mall again!

Now, this might get you to thinking, “what should my purpose be?” Sure, Travel Daycation comes to your rescue with the most adventurous themes that makes your traveling 100x unique and memorable!

  1. Stop Following the Crowd – Instead Follow the Theme of your favourite book or Movie!

Hey, take a moment to recollect the list of your favourite book or movie. The theme can be anything – horror, entertainment, drama, art, music or anything that you love!

You then have to Google, “List of places in *your destination* for *your theme*” and you are good to go!

For example – If you like the Disney movies, you like the idea of fantasy and magic for sure!

The list of surreal places in India includes :

  1. Majuli, Assam
  2. Great Rann of Kutch
  3. Butterfly Beach, Goa
  4. Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim
  5. Key Monastery, Spiti Valley

Now you know the power of a theme?

     2.   Food and Drink – Foodies Never Compromise

If you are a wine lover, consider the experience by staying at the vineyards.

For example – List of vineyards to enjoy the best wine in India
  1. Grover Zampa
  2. York Winery and Tasting Room
  3. Fratelli Wines
  4. Chandon
  5. Sula Vineyards

      3.  Boat, Tent and Campfire

Camping in India is the ideal way of exploring the unity and regional diversity of India So why not explore the not so famous nooks and crannies of the country?

For example – List of places in India for camping
  1. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
  2. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh
  3. Chandratal Lake, Himachal Pradesh
  4. Mussoorie, Uttarakhand
  5. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

    4.   Sports and Adventure

India’s natural resources make it an interesting getaway for adventure sport enthusiasts. There is a certain amount of danger involved but “DARR K AAGE JEETH H”, isn’t it?

For example – List of places in India for Adventure Sports
  1. Auli (Skiing)
  2. Kasauli (Hang Gliding)
  3. Ladakh (Trekking)
  4. Gulmarg (Ice Climbing)
  5. Mysore (Skydiving)

    5.   Arts and Events

India is the birthplace and the cradle of some of the world’s major cultures and religions. The unparalleled cultural ebullience of the various world heritage sites in India allure travelers from across the globe.

For example – List of places in India famous for awe-inspiring architecture
  1. Golden Temple, Amritsar
  2. Bara Imambara, Lucknow
  3. Taj Mahal, Agra
  4. Amer Fort, Rajasthan
  5. Mysore Palace, Mysore

     6.  Nature and Wildlife

Here’s a list of places you should travel to this year for their exquisite wildlife in India.

  1. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan
  2. Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal
  3. Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand
  4. Gir National Park, Gujarat
  5. Kaziranga National Park, Assam

     7.   Health and Lifestyle

With the increased popularity in Yoga around the world, India’s Ministry of Tourism is                    currently drafting a policy to promote the exercise in a bid to attract more foreign visitors to experience it in the country from where it originated.

For example – List of spiritual places in Bangalore gave us a list of more than 1000 temples, 400 mosques, 100 churches, 40 Jain mandirs , 3 Gurudwaras, 2 Buddhist Viharas and 1 Parsi Agiari spread across the city.
Tips From The Expert

Take a clue from your daily life and continue to your next destination. Bring back that icing to your cake. Await the curiosity of those first moments, trying to get that first high back.

Add something different and unique to your travel that keeps your memories alive forever!

Thank You, Enjoy Travelling Hassle-Free!

If you have any idea for your next travel theme, let us know in the comment section below!

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